About Me

Who I am…

Welcome to my personal website! I’m a dedicated lifelong learner driven by a love of knowledge and the act of sharing that knowledge with others. I thrive on strategic thinking and problem-solving fueled by iteration and collaborative feedback loops and find joy in making learning meaningful and useful.

My passion for learning drives me to optimize technology to create user experiences that harness innovative ways to make educational journeys seamless and enjoyable.

Being of service to others brings me immense fulfillment, as I believe in the power of supporting and uplifting those around me. I take pride in cultivating relationships and value the art of building connections.

Why I do instructional design…

I love instructional design for its powerful ability to create relevant and comfortable learning experiences. Its dynamic blend of creativity, psychology, and technology continually amazes me.

As a learning designer, I am able to craft content that empowers learners in their jobs and personal lives. The process of analyzing needs, pinpointing problems, designing effective pathways and interactive activities to solve for the problems, and developing supportive materials makes me happy! This process makes learning transformative and transformative learning is a wonderful experience for both the designer and the user!


A micro-learning course that encourages self-care during the workday.


A micro-learning course about the basics of holograms.

Risk Management:

Online session that preps employees for an upcoming in-person workshop about identifying and categorizing risk.