My Process

I employ Action Mapping to address specific processes or behavioral issues hindering desired outcomes. In initial client discussions, I collaboratively establish the target outcome. By assessing current employee actions and contrasting them with desired actions, I deduce the underlying reasons for the outcome gap.

Subsequently, I engage in iterative testing with user input to ensure relevance, user experience, and behavior change. This often involves potential course participants for a more holistic perspective. The resulting course or interactive activity is then meticulously designed to target the identified process or behavior concern.

I focus on creative ways to impact training events utilizing minimal time and resources to maximize target outcomes while limiting disruptions in productivity.  

Lastly, I gauge the course’s impact through user feedback and goal progress tracking. This data-driven evaluation informs both immediate refinements and future process enhancements. This reflective process contributes to my growth as a designer, fostering continuous improvement for my team.

Example: Action Mapping for Risk Management Course Sample